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9 Ways To Stop Cooperating With The Control System – Zen Gardner

How long will it take for the masses to wake up to these grossly restricting laws and realize how un-free they are?  The masses’ unchallenging complacency with these laws has been made that much easier through social conditioning engineered over the years by the ruling elite.In this charade, the power-mad egomaniac manipulating controlling parasitical ruling elite impose themselves on almost everything for their ulterior motives: ownership, power, profit and political gain – and that’s it. It’s that straightforward. It’s that pathetic.These forever-increasing control mechanisms: regulations, rules, absurd mandates, threats of fines, intimidation, extreme petty police reprisals and imprisonment … are designed to sap the life-force from us while denying our true self-expression as we’re expected to bow down in acquiescence. It’s all designed to erode humanity into a subservient entity.How do we break this manipulation?The road to achieving this involves refusing to cooperate with the ruling elite’s control system. Read more….

Bron: 9 Ways To Stop Cooperating With The Control System – Zen Gardner

De waarheid is transparant (David Wilcock in 4 delen) | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English)

Terwijl er steeds meer en meer naar buiten komt en naar de oppervlakte komt drijven wat jarenlang, zo niet eeuwenlang onder het tapijt geschoven is, mede met behulp van de mainstream media, zit de wereldwijde ‘Alliantie‘ waar ik al vaker over heb geschreven in diverse artikelen, echt niet stil.Ik besef dat ik -samen met mijn collega’s- een archief aan het opbouwen ben. Een archief dat steeds meer wordt gevonden en ‘geraadpleegd’, in tegenstelling tot de dwaze non-archieven van de reguliere media die sensatie brengen en angst aanjagen in het moment, ten faveure van een relatief kleine groep machthebbers die daarmee op langere termijn hun snode plannen verwezenlijkt zullen zien. Geduld is ons daarbij een noodzakelijk kwaad gebleken, want het doordringen van de ‘transparante’ (maar wel alles doordringende) waarheid gaat maar heel langzaam.

Bron: De waarheid is transparant (David Wilcock in 4 delen) | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English)

Hopeful Signs That The New World Order Is Dying | Two Ice Floes

Americans everywhere and people all around the world should be seeing the glass half full, because it is half full. The new world order really is dying out, but it is dying out slowly. It’s dying out slowly because there are more of us than there are of them. It’s dying out because people have had enough. It’s dying out because people are using the power of the Internet to look things up and they are confirming the truth about who we are and our political world. They are finding out that government ONLY operates via “conspiracy”. They are realizing that conspiracy is the norm not some special category which needs special consideration. This global realization is part of the paradigm shift we are all experiencing.

Bron: Hopeful Signs That The New World Order Is Dying | Two Ice Floes

En wat gebeurt er nu in werkelijkheid? | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English)

En wat gebeurt er nu in werkelijkheid? | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English).

Conspiracy Video Archive | Time to wake up is now!


This is my old Drupal website with about 1000+ conspiracy video’s divided. Most in English and a number of them with NL-subs. I just keep it on the internet as a conspiracy video archive. Some links to video’s will be broken. I do not do any maintenance anymore.

There is also some computermusic from my hand on this site. Enjoy !


* Dat zoveel mogelijk mensen zo snel mogelijk mentaal onafhankelijk worden van de kudde, die door toedoen van het (wereld) regerings-bedrijfs – media complex en gevestigde religies, elke minuut van de dag en nacht misleid, beroofd, vermoord en uitgebuit wordt. * Dat zoveel mogelijk mensen ideeën opdoen en aangereikt krijgen om er voor te zorgen dat zij niet het slachtoffer worden van de eindeloze reeks manipulaties, bedriegerijen en leugens van dit moorddadige en door en door corrupte (wereld) regerings-bedrijfs-media complex en religies. * Dat u en de mensen in uw omgeving de beschikking krijgen over de mogelijkheden om uzelf te informeren over de aard van de werkelijke machten en krachten die in stelling gebracht zijn tegen de mensheid en om u de “wapens” aan te reiken zoals kennis, eerlijke informatie en bewustzijnsvergrotend materiaal, om uzelf, uw kinderen en de mensen die u verder lief zijn te beschermen tegen de bewust gecreëerde waanzin van alledag. Hoe meer we weten wat er werkelijk gaande is in de financiële wereld, regeringskringen en daaronder vallende instanties, in de gezondheidszorg, de voedselindustrie, de farmaceutische industrie, multi-nationals, Vaticaan enz. enz., hoe makkelijker het voor ons wordt om besluiten te nemen en acties te ondernemen die aan ons allen tengoede komen in plaats van slechts een paar corrupte regerings-bedrijfs- en media acteurs die (bewust of onbewust) al decennia lang bezig zijn om een Nieuwe Wereld Orde te vestigen met ons als slaven en deze elite als onbetwiste meesters. Ik spreek dan ook de intense hoop uit, dat dit video- en artikelen archief een bijdrage mag leveren aan de verdieping van ons aller inzicht in het reilen en zeilen van deze prachtige aarde waar we NU met zijn allen de verantwoordelijkheid voor moeten nemen.

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What Bill Gates Just Said Will Make Your Skin Crawl! Are You Ready For The NWO? | Pakalert Press

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world – and has a distinctive understanding of how global issues such as poverty , climate change or famines must be battled in the future.

In an meeting with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” Gates criticized that especially with regard to climate change, “a kind of global government” lacks. In other words, Gates desires a world government.

“You can make fun of it, but in truth it was sad how the conference in Copenhagen is run, how individual who behave like the UN system failed,” the 59-year-old stated in view of the often seen as a failure UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in the Danish capital . So far there is no perfect frame, so Gates.

In view of the urgent problems in the world is a global government “badly needed,” said Gates. “Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people. But what is with epidemics? How many doctors do we have as much planes, tents, what scientists? If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared. “

Gates established in the 1990s with his wife Melinda, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to assist people in health care and the fight against poverty worldwide. Enjoy!!!

via What Bill Gates Just Said Will Make Your Skin Crawl! Are You Ready For The NWO? | Pakalert Press.

The N.W.O. Cabal is collapsing; the signs are everywhere > | The following group contacted the Black Dragon Society promising the Federal Reserve Board and the Washington D.C. crime syndicates will soon lose power. They sent me an audio file but I got the message “this file cannot be opened at this domain.” However, I found the audio here:

Several people, including a direct envoy from the Chinese Politburo and a member of the British Royal family have told me a similar tale of imminent change. The gist of all their stories is that soon vast amounts of new government-controlled funding will become available and that the Federal Reserve Board and the Internal Revenue Service will be dismantled.

We have been disappointed before but there is enough information now available, even on the corporate propaganda media outlets, to make it clear we are reaching the end game.

Among the bits of evidence we find Japan, China and Russia not only not buying new Treasury bills but actively reducing their holdings. We also find the world’s central banks are no longer buying T-bills either.

Then we have China announcing they will have a trade deficit in March. That sounds like bad news for China but in fact is due to their increasing their imports of commodities from around the world by 80% year on year. This is part of their strategy to take down fiat dollars by refusing to buy anything but real stuff with their own hard-earned dollars.

Anybody with basic math skills can figure out, after looking at this chart from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board:

via The N.W.O. Cabal is collapsing; the signs are everywhere >

The Network of Global Secret Societies | Pakalert Press

The largest mechanism used by the bloodlines to implement the New World agenda is the global secret society network. Politicians, bankers, businessmen, and media personalities – the biggest names in history and world affairs form a huge secret society matrix.This hierarchical pyramid-structured network is constantly recruiting and placing members in key influential positions. In order to orchestrate global events and policy decisions from behind the scenes, many niche secret societies groom and position politicians, media personalities, and other “yes-men” so they may best aid the Great Work.“Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface” -A. E. Waite Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn“

Harvard, Order of the golden dawn,You see, if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy League school – Harvard, Yale, Kennedy School of Government – you’ve shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy League type, and so you’re plucked so-to-speak, and you are assigned success.You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the hand pickers can put you.” -Radio Talk show Host Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 7th, 1995

via The Network of Global Secret Societies | Pakalert Press.

DELEN: Nieuwe jeugdwet begin van totale controle over je gezin en kinderen | Stop de bankiers

2015 Amerika armoede banken bankiers barroso bezuigingen bijstand bijstandsgezin crisis Di Rupo economie elite eu Euro Europa europese commissie Europese Unie fraude geld gezinnen jeugd jeugdzorg Kinderen macht Malaysia Airlines Mark Rutte MH17 Najib Razak Nederland NWO Obama Oekraïne ouderen armen petitie poetin Politiek pvda reactie regering revolutie rusland rutte VS wet

via DELEN: Nieuwe jeugdwet begin van totale controle over je gezin en kinderen | Stop de bankiers.

UN climate change: 1000 scientists say no « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

UN climate change: 1000 scientists say no

by Jon Rappoport

September 18, 2014

Read it.It’s a shocking 321-page report assembled by The Climate Depot:“More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.”

It names names. It lists reasons for the dissent. Reality is engineered consensus. But when that doesn’t work, “experts” just assert there is a consensus when there isn’t.

“What the hell, let’s just say that ‘everybody agrees’ manmade warming is destroying Earth and we have ten minutes to solve it, and let’s get our friends in the press to shut out the naysayers. You know, media blackout.”Science is supposed to be about evidence and proof, not consensus. But that idea is now laughed out of court. Science is about PR and who sits on the important thrones.

Read on:

via UN climate change: 1000 scientists say no « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

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