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De door EU gefinancierde muur waar niemand over wil praten •

Dit is niet de gewenste grensmuur van Donald Trump tussen de VS en Mexico, en ook niet de omheining van de Hongaarse premier Viktor Orbán, die de stroom EU, Europa, Europese Commissie, Migranten, Syrië, Trump, Turkije, Viktor Orbán

Bron: De door EU gefinancierde muur waar niemand over wil praten •


De ondergang van Europa. | Gerard de Boer

Timmermans is een van de eerste EU-leiders die zijn masker heeft laten vallen over het plan van de Europese Unie om monoculturele staten door middel van massa-immigratie uit te roeien. Mensen die vast willen houden aan hun identiteit als volk of land hebben volgens Timmermans geen enkele plaats in de toekomst. Het streven van de EU is dus geheel in lijn met de ideeën van Coudenhover-Kalergi.

Bron: De ondergang van Europa. | Gerard de Boer

EU Handelscommissaris Cecilia Malmstrom: ‘I do not take my mandate from the European people’ | Lang Leve Europa!

EU Democratie onecht

Het hoge woord is eruit. De Eurocommissaris verantwoordelijk voor TTIP geeft het nu openlijk toe: ze werkt niet voor de Europese bevolking. Ze heeft geen mandaat nodig van de Europese bevolking en hoeft als zodanig ook geen verantwoording af te leggen aan de Europese bevolking. Zoals de journalist schreef ‘Ik dacht niet dat TTIP nog griezeliger kon worden, maar toen sprak ik met de officiële EU verantwoordelijke’.

De uitspraak van Malmstrom ‘Ik krijg mijn mandaat niet van de Europese bevolking’, was een reactie op een vraag of ze in het zicht van de honderdduizenden demonstranten nog wel haar pro-TTIP beleid kon handhaven:

When put to her, Malmström acknowledged that a trade deal has never inspired such passionate and widespread opposition. Yet when I asked the trade commissioner how she could continue her persistent promotion of the deal in the face of such massive public opposition, her response came back icy cold: “I do not take my mandate from the European people.” Lees verder..en deel!

Bron: EU Handelscommissaris Cecilia Malmstrom: ‘I do not take my mandate from the European people’ | Lang Leve Europa!

Medvedev at Munich: West Must Abandon’Containment’ of Russia (Video)

I’ve been following The press coverage concerning The Middle East from The west and Russia media for a long time now and my conclusion at this moment is, that Russia has done only mature and common sense attempts, to approach the western “opponents” with reason, practical and historical vision, honesty and undeniable facts all in accordance with international law. Putin, Lavrov and Medvedev have done everything to prevent a cold war and a very possible WW3. Everything they have said and and all the actions they took until now are very understandable to everyone in the world,

The western media on the other hand have been twisting everything the Russians and their allies have published and said into incomprehensible warpropaganda. Russia has made a lot of attempts to negotiate wisely and with great integrity and vision with the west, to prevent WW3 by making proposals all along tocollaborate on the world’s problems especially those in The Middle East. When WW3 is inevitable it will be due to the planned warmongering by the money, power, and world power-hungry west using the media to steer the world into chaos. Well, I think they are in for a few big surprises.

The 2016 Munich Conference had three ‘hot spots’ in its baggage involving Russia and the United States: Georgia, the Ukraine and Syria. If the first one was greeted silently by a surprised Washington, it decided to continue the struggle for global domination via the latter two.

That was what led to the direct confrontation that the West had been warned about in 2007.

Having stipulated that his speech had been coordinated with Vladimir Putin, so no one would doubt that the Russian President was present, Dmitry Medvedev noted that this struggle had been going on for nine years: “In fact we are sliding towards a new Cold War”.

He made it clear that Moscow is ready for the most dramatic course of events: “Can it be that we need a third world shake-up to realize that we need  cooperation, not confrontation?”

Medvedev’s Five Theses
1. The Transatlantic and Transpacific Partnerships will ruin the WTO. With globalization and unilateral economic pressure through sanctions violating international law, they are a road to nowhere, making things worse for everyone.

2. The global economic crisis development model creates conditions for conflicts, including  regional ones. The EU tried to create a ‘friends zone’ along its external borders for reliable security, but instead got an ‘exclusion zone’.  As a result, Europe is involved in a series of local conflicts and crises in the eastern and southern flanks of its ‘Neighborhood’: in the Ukraine, Moldova as well as in the Middle East and North Africa, including Libya and Syria.

3. Medvedev called on the West to abandon the containment doctrine against Russia and join with it to solve real-world problems, such as terrorism. Otherwise ‘we will discuss the same problems again in 10 and 20 years’. If there is anything left to discuss since the Caliphate does not allow discussion of anything.

4. Unprecedented in scale, uncontrolled migration is the result of terrorism. Moscow is ready to help solve the migration problem by contributing to the normalization of the situation in the regions where the main flow of refugees come from, first of all in Syria.

5. We have a chance to finally come together to respond to these challenges. But there can be no preconditions. Either this is necessary for all of us, or it is not necessary for anybody, and then there will be nothing. Read more…

Bron: Medvedev at Munich: West Must Abandon’Containment’ of Russia (Video)

Since when is limiting immigration a crime? « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

As I’ve explained in previous articles, the whole “wave of migration” is an op. It’s not meant to be humane. It’s meant to destabilize societies and countries, bring on chaos, destroy traditional cultures and borders, and permit Globalization to advance.

Bron: Since when is limiting immigration a crime? « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Wat u altijd wilde weten over de ‘EU te Brussel’ – Maar niemand u durfde te vertellen!

Dit boek vertelt een verhaal, waar vele lezers, om duidelijke redenen, in eerste instantie bezwaren tegen hadden. Met als argument dat als de diepgaande historische informatie, die in dit boek is vastgelegd, waar zou zijn. Zij er vanzelfsprekend eerder over gehoord zouden hebben.

Bijna driekwart eeuw lang werd de wereld verteld, dat de Tweede Wereldoorlog (WO II) werd veroorzaakt door een krankzinnige (geesteszieke heet dat tegenwoordig), Adolf Hitler en zijn aanhang van racisten, de Nazi’s. De feiten zijn, dat WO II een veroveringsoorlog was ten gunste van het chemie, olie en farmaceutisch kartel. Met als doel bezit te krijgen over de miljarden dollar-afzetmarkt op de zich ontwikkelende terreinen van gepatenteerde chemische producten.

Russia Expert Stephen Cohen Nails Terrorism, Syria, Ukraine and Russia

HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE:  We in the United States cannot lead the world alone any longer, if we ever could.  Long before Paris, globalization and other developments have occurred that ended the mono-polar, US-dominated world.  That world is over.  A multi-polar world has emerged before our eyes, not just in Russia but in five or six capitals around the world.  Washington’s stubborn refusal to embrace this new reality has become part of the problem and not part of the solution.  This is where we are today …. even after Paris.

Bron: Russia Expert Stephen Cohen Nails Terrorism, Syria, Ukraine and Russia

Alexis Tsipras’ Open Letter To Germany: What You Were Never Told About Greece | Zero Hedge

Alexis Tsipras’ Open Letter To Germany: What You Were Never Told About Greece | Zero Hedge.




Het identificeren van de Vijfde Colonne in Rusland is in gang gezet.

Ivgeny Fedorov legt uit wat er achter de schermen in zijn land aan de hand is.

Lees verder en bekijk de video’s:





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