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Worldwide Warning – Elite Now Preparing For Earthwide Catastrophe | Pakalert Press

David Vose issues a “worldwide warning” stating the elite are now actively preparing for an earthwide catastrophe, where the “richest” people in the world are plotting the end of the world as we know it.

Starting in Africa, according to Vose, their plans include eradicating the majority of Earth’s population, leaving only their own people, who they believe are superior. Vose also believes, and offers his case in the video below, that Africans, Latinos and Asians are first on the elites list.

One might think this is simply a conspiracy, but consider the major missteps already being seen and reported on in the MSM, and add that to the warnings we have received previously that all of what we are seeing has been done on purpose as part of the depopulation agenda. With new reports coming out fast and furiously about Ebola, mistakes and  outright lunacy, one has to at least consider that it all cannot be “accidents” and it is deliberate.

Watch the video:

via Worldwide Warning – Elite Now Preparing For Earthwide Catastrophe | Pakalert Press.

Forced Population Control: Present and Future | Pakalert Press

Forced Population Control: Present and Future

TRUTHER 0Dave Hodges |


Commentary by: Roger Landry TLB

We at The Liberty Beacon project constantly push back against eugenics, genocide or programed population reduction, and will continue to do so going forward. We know, given the total population, and considering the total arable land mass of this planet, that this planet is far from overpopulated … but is that an inevitability?

Our global resources are finite and dwindling at an alarming rate, but to sacrifice your legacy, your ability to choose when and if you shall have a family, and leave this decision to the mercy of a cold, calculating, privileged global bureaucrat, is something that most of us would rebel against.

via Forced Population Control: Present and Future | Pakalert Press.

Genocide What Are They Thinking?

Here’s a little smorgasboard
of threats to public health from
corporations and government,
revealed by the paper produced
under the Nixon Administration
by Henry Kissinger while he was
Secretary of Defense.

The paper is called “National
Security Study 200: Implications
for Worldwide Population Growth
for US Security and Overseas.”

It appears to be a blueprint for
many of the genocidal programs,
from GMOs to the Iraq War which
have seen unfurled over the past

What are they thinking?

What are you going to do about it?

Video (8 and a half mins):

via Genocide What Are They Thinking?.

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