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Food Insanity What are chicken nuggets made of?

What’s in the pink stuff?

Most people have seen the photo of the pink yuck that goes into many processed chicken products. The same thing is done with beef and pork.

But a photo of something that doesn’t look appetizing isn’t enough to keep most people from eating it. Neither is the fact that there’s so much bacteria that the meat mix is washed with ammonia. Nor the fact that artificial flavorings have to be added because the ammonia makes the mix taste so bad.

Are we so addicted to processed food flavors that knowing all this doesn’t spark a change in someone’s eating habits?

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Dangerous foods Soda: as bad for you as smoking

Step away from the can!

Many of us already know that soda is terrible for us: empty calories, cavities, and links to a host of health problems. A new study of 5,000 people shows that soda ages DNA. Diet soda doesn’t have the same effect, pointing to sugar as the culprit.Diet soda may cause cancer, so we don’t recommend it as an alternative.The good news is, soda consumption in the US has been going down for years – good riddance!

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