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Cell Phone Towers Are For Mind Control and Health Destruction | Truth11


Dylan Eleven   Truth11.comThe plain and simple truth, is that cell towers, cell phones, wifi and smart meters are not only devices of health destruction they are tools of mass mind control.  This technology is a part of a global depopulation plan. The convenience is not worth it.   We need to re-connect to shielded wires and deal with the fact that we have to make it to the next pay phone to make a call.This is not that big of a step back.  Its a huge step forward.  For our health and mental well being. Socially we as a planet could use some disconnection from our devices and reconnection to each other and nature.  Mentally we are being bombarded to the point of stupid submission.  Cell tower radiation is like wireless fluoridation for our minds. Health is being destroyed, from birth to old age and for what?… so you are always in touch with each other on the road? As Seinfeld said” You’ve got to give people a chance to miss you a little”The cell tower madness is well beyond simple communications however.  The motive is far more sinister.  They want towers near to you to kill you and keep you stupid.  The speed at which they go up, the amount of towers, the locations.  None of these factors are controlled by economics, demand or supply of service.  The amount of towers is far beyond that. There is no need for a tower every 500 feet.  14 above some ones head in an apartment building. Every apartment building…  The only reason we have so many towers so close is mind control and health destruction of the masses.  All part of the depopulation plan.

Bron: Cell Phone Towers Are For Mind Control and Health Destruction | Truth11

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