A Multi-level Analysis of the US attack on Syria

The pretext: I don’t think that anybody seriously believes that Assad or anybody else in the Syrian government really ordered a chemical weapons attack on anybody.  To believe that it would require you to find the following sequence logical: first,Assad pretty much wins the war against Daesh which is in full retreat.  Then, the US […]

Why Russia has become the number-one target in the US press « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

The new devil in the US press, as of last summer, was Russia. All of a sudden. And then, in the wake of the election, the devil became the DEVIL. Was this nothing more than an attempt to discredit Trump and his victory?No. It was definitely something more.As David Icke stated on the Richie Allen […]

U.S. Sponsors New Sanctions Against Syria At UN Security Council, Russia “Has No Choice” But To… – Medium

In a draft initiated and supported by the United States, U.K., and France, a plan was put forward to impose new sanctions on the Syrian government in the form of a ban on all shipments of helicopters to the army or the government. It also included sanctions on a number of Syrian officials and government […]


Het dik door u en mij (indirect) via de belastingdienst gesponsorde Amnesty International heeft een rapportje in elkaar gefrommeld over de misdaden van het “regime Assad” in Syrië.Even voorbij gaand aan het feit dat er in Syrië een oorlog op leven en dood wordt gevoerd om haar soevereiniteit te waarborgen.  Wij hebben in Nederland geen […]

9/11 & False Flags The Covert Origins of ISIS

Evidence Exposing Who Put ISIS in Powerand How it Was Done ForbiddenKnowledgeTVRepublished [and Heavily Redacted with interjections] from the most Brilliant, StormCloudsGatheringSeptember 3, 2014 Would it interest you to know who helped the ruthless massacring psychopaths, now known as “IS” aka the Islamic State, aka ISIS, aka ISIL, aka Al-Qaeda in Iraq to rise to […]