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» Facebook Blocks Alex Jones Account For Posting Image of ISIS Militant Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

FACEBOOK BLOCKS ALEX JONES ACCOUNT FOR POSTING IMAGE OF ISIS MILITANT Months after Infowars warned about social network’s draconian new censorship policies by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON | MAY 6, 2015 Facebook has blocked access to the Alex Jones account in response to a post which featured an ISIS militant, just months after Infowars warned about […]

How the Elite Control Us and What They Will Do When They Lose Control | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

In large part, the American people have been conquered through the principle of groupthink. Throughout history, groupthink has played a prominent role in coercing the public of any nation into going to war for the benefit of the elite ruling class and their financial bottom line. Groupthink Groupthink is a term coined by social psychologist […]

Conspiracy Video Archive | Time to wake up is now!

CONSPIRACY VIDEO ARCHIVE-1000+ video’s This is my old Drupal website with about 1000+ conspiracy video’s divided. Most in English and a number of them with NL-subs. I just keep it on the internet as a conspiracy video archive. Some links to video’s will be broken. I do not do any maintenance anymore. There is also some computermusic […]

2014 in boekvorm | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English)

Speciaal voor alle lezers die regelmatig artikelen printen, voor verspreiding of voor het eigen gemak: ‘Wakker worden!’ Het jaar 2014 nu gebundeld in een leesbaar en overzichtelijk boek: full color, softcover 223 pagina’s (inclusief alle vertalingen van toespraken en persconferentie van Vladimir Putin) via 2014 in boekvorm | Irma Schiffers schrijft… (Dutch/English).