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Conspiracy Video Archive | Time to wake up is now!

CONSPIRACY VIDEO ARCHIVE-1000+ video’s This is my old Drupal website with about 1000+ conspiracy video’s divided. Most in English and a number of them with NL-subs. I just keep it on the internet as a conspiracy video archive. Some links to video’s will be broken. I do not do any maintenance anymore. There is also some computermusic […]

Earth A Man Filmed the Heavens for 7 Days What He Saw Fills Us with Joy

El Teide Volcano, Canary Islands, Spain ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra BruceSeptember 7, 2014 This time-lapse footage was filmed by professional photographer, Terje Sorgjerd over the course of 7 days atop and around El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, which is actually a volcano on the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Island Chain. El Teide is also the […]

Complotpraktijken | Conspiracy Video Archive

Check out this massive videoarchive!  If you don’t want to be a slave anymore, and if you want to know instead of believing everything they tell you in the controlled mass-media, this video archive is for you! Go behind the scenes and educate yourself and others. Some links are broken. ONDERSTAANDE WEBSITE IS SPECIAAL VOOR U […]