Massale Neusbloedingen bij 5G-concert test in het VK!

De Britten verspreiden het nieuws over de uitrol van 5G en hoe gevaarlijk de straling was tijdens de Glastonbury Festival 5G-demonstratie begin juli. Ga naar de markering van 3:00 minuten waar hij … Bron: Massale Neusbloedingen bij 5G-concert test in het VK!

NineForNews – Jouw bron voor het nieuws, waar de reguliere media meestal over zwijgen.

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing… Including the Coming Financial Reset… and the American Elections!

Greetings to you my dear friends I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation coming to you through Zingdad. In today’s conversation I will be offering you a briefing on the political situation in the world at present. The focus of this briefing is to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the coming financial […]

The United Nations Admit Chemtrails Are REAL in Stunning Video Report! (Watch) – ORGANIC AND HEALTHY

These trails airplanes are leaving behind are reffered to as Chemtrails. We should no longer ingore the fact that our air is being polluted with alluminum, arsenic, barium, barium, lead, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver. Each one attributing to different health problems such as; Neurological effects, heart issues, Immune System damage, eyesight issues, Damaged kindly and liver, hormonal […]

“Russian Aggression”: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam | Global Research

“Russian Aggression”: The Big Lie Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam By Stephen Lendman Global Research, February 10, 2015 Region: Russia and FSU Theme: US NATO War Agenda Try imagining one dollar for each time Western officials and presstitute media scoundrels screamed “Russian aggression” daily since US planned, directed and implemented Kiev aggression on Donbas began last […]

Drugs Magic Mushrooms & Reindeer

The Origin of the Santa Claus Legend? January 26, 2009 The hallucinogenic fly agaric mushroom is one of the favorite foods of the arctic circle reindeer (domesticated caribou) in Scandinavia. Reindeer are central to the lives of the indigenous Saami peoples of the Arctic circle who herd them. The shamanic traditions of the Saami include […]