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EU to Tech Giants Enforcing Big Brother: You’re Not Going Far Enough!

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and other monolithic tech corporations are under fire worldwide for destroying internet freedom and maliciously violating the privacy of its customers. However, one entity thinks these corporations haven’t gone far enough in enforcing Big Brother: the globalists at the European Union (EU). Bron: EU to Tech Giants Enforcing Big Brother: You’re Not Going […]

Adamu Offers a Full Political Briefing… Including the Coming Financial Reset… and the American Elections!

Greetings to you my dear friends I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation coming to you through Zingdad. In today’s conversation I will be offering you a briefing on the political situation in the world at present. The focus of this briefing is to offer you a comprehensive understanding of the coming financial […]

‘No Nerve Agent’ in Douma: OPCW Report Refutes White House Sarin Narrative

A preliminary report published Friday by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found no traces of any nerve agent at the site of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. The OPCW report states this unambiguously as follows:”No organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or […]

BREAKING: Top Russian News Show Airs April 5 Call With Julia Skripal – She and Dad Are Fine! (Audio and Video)

The hosts said they couldn’t verify the authenticity of the call, but this is 1 of the 2 most authoritative news shows in the country, and they seem to be taking it quite seriously. The show is called “60 Minutes”, hosted by Evgeny Popov and Olga Skabeeva. Vika is Julia’s cousin who lives in Russia. […]