Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe

The debate about the existence of the soul and whether it is immortal or dies with the person is an endless story that for centuries has occupied the time of the great thinkers of universal history. Its mysterious nature continues to fascinate different areas of science, but now a group of researchers has discovered a […]

Deborah Tavares-Depopulation Agenda In Motion-CSS Hours 1/2 – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

My guest in the first two hours of the show was Deborah Tavares. This was one of the most riveting presentations in the history of the show Deborah had not been a guest on my show for quite some time. However, she made up for lost time. I just stepped aside and let educate the […] – The Military’s Pandora’s Box by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an “ionospheric heater.” (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth’s upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.)Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a […]

Why Was Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down?, by Kees van der Pijl – The Unz Review

Four years ago, on 17 July 2014, in the midst of a civil war raging in eastern Ukraine, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was destroyed with all 298 passengers and crew. On 25 May last, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) entrusted with the criminal investigation of the downing and composed of the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia […]