Facebook verwijderde een belangrijk filmpje over de grote gevaren van vaccins. Hier kun je het alsnog bekijken

Een video die door Facebook is verwijderd, is nu alsnog hier te bekijken. In het filmpje waarschuwt Robert F. Kennedy Jr. van het World Mercury Project voor de epidemie van degeneratieve ziektes die worden veroorzaakt door vaccins.In de verboden video noemt hij onder meer ADHD, autisme, auto-immuunziektes, reumatoïde artritis, diabetes, astma en voedselallergie.“De wetenschap heeft […]

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Devices:Subliminal,Mind Control,Electronic Attack,Entrainment,Behavior Mod

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Cell Phone Towers Are For Mind Control and Health Destruction | Truth11

  Dylan Eleven   Truth11.comThe plain and simple truth, is that cell towers, cell phones, wifi and smart meters are not only devices of health destruction they are tools of mass mind control.  This technology is a part of a global depopulation plan. The convenience is not worth it.   We need to re-connect to shielded wires […]

The Weaponization of Cellular Towers – Large Kill Radius – Bye Bye Blue Sky

“The video in this article has been censored away” (admin of this website) Cell phone towers are like a giant microwave on a stick.  This technology is punishment in disguise.  These towers are not for a transfer of data but are weaponized structures capable of transmitting huge amounts of deadly radio wave energy for multiple/nefarious […]

The GWEN System

The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) is a communications system that the military is in the process of constructing as we speak. It operates in the very-low-frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This range was selected because its signals travel by means of waves that have a tendency to hug the ground […]