DEMOCRATS  AGAINST  U. N.  AGENDA  21 – OK, So what is Agenda 21? And why should I care? Part 1

Agenda 21 Conspiracy? Not at all. It’s happening in front of our eyes.

The Matrix-illusion in action.

Let’s educate ourself and others and learn to really see it happening and to understand your Government’s actions, local, regional, nationwide and worldwide. The planning behind it goes way back and far beyond your frontdoor, because you are the enemy. They use the most sophisticated psychology, mind control and technical science to totally control you and they even don’t bother anymore to hide it.
It helps us to understand who “they” are and how they have been, and still are succesfully “social-engineering” us into obedient, loyal and submissive slaves.

Understanding the terrible implications of Agenda 21 being rolled out worldwide, will help us to understand, that voting for or against whoever or whatever, will not change anything.
Understanding Agenda 21, will help us, to broaden our visions and stop voting for psychopath puppet governments, presidents, kings, Queens, Popes and other smartasses, invisibly working together together to suppress us and to rob us from everything we thought we ever had…… Read and spread.

Democrats to Stop Agenda 21. We are making common cause with others to end UN social engineering and communitarianism.

Bron: DEMOCRATS  AGAINST  U. N.  AGENDA  21 – OK, So what is Agenda 21? And why should I care? Part 1

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