History Is Going Russia’s and China’s Way, Not Obama’s | LaRouchePAC

After another failed “summit” attempt to turn the ASEAN countries against China, Barack Obama spent his Feb. 16 press conference denouncing and attempting to denigrate Russia, and particularly Russian President Putin’s success in changing the situation in the Mideast.

The Obama Administration is trying to insist, through the media, that the Syria ceasefire the U.S. Secretary of State negotiated with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, will fail! This, because Obama cannot abide the successful economic and political roles that Russia and China are now playing in the world, and his own failures.

What Putin’s successful role represents, is the transfer of influence on human affairs from the British imperial system — for which Obama has been a willing factor — to the growing Eurasian nations.It also represents a nearly 20-year successful fight against all jihadi terrorism, both in Russia and internationally — a cooperation which has been offered to the United States continuously since 9/11, and always rejected by Bush and Obama.
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Bron: History Is Going Russia’s and China’s Way, Not Obama’s | LaRouchePAC


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