NASA scientist admits chemtrails | (Verborgen) nieuws | Earth Matters

(Humans Are Free | Alexander Light) Being questioned by Sue, a courageous and concerned citizen, NASA scientist Douglas E. Rowland admits chemtrails are real, during a phone conversation.
Dr. Rowland gives details about when it all started:”It’s been done in the 1970s, it’s been done recently in the 1990s and 2000s.” And continues: “The lithium release in the daytime […] hasn’t been done since the 1970s.”OK, so lithium was only dispersed during the nighttime? Interesting…
Concerned Sue tries to get more from Dr. Rowland: “Why would it be done now, sir? That’s scary!”, but he only offers his email address for further questions:
And after learning what lithium carbonate (not the same lithium used in chemtrails, or so they claim) can be used for, I have an impulse to send him an email myself. “The lithium ion seems to alleviate mood disorders by affecting the way that brain cells respond to neurotransmitters.” [1]So, the zombification of a nation is an actual NASA experiment?

Bron: NASA scientist admits chemtrails | (Verborgen) nieuws | Earth Matters


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