dissidents, both Journalists, and Activists. No Martial Law Involved, just Treason! | Pakalert Press

Of course he is going to use Dept of Homeland Security, since it is controlled and run by the khazar  banker zionists.  This is the International Bankers move to bring down the USA for WW III, just like they did in WW II, and in WW I, by destroying the economic powerhouses of the day…. Russia and Germany and now the USA.   They will automatically be in violation of our 4th and 5th amendments which then gives us license to respond in kind.

I am putting this up because I just found it and given some of their behavior recently,  I knew something was coming fairly quickly and now we see what it is they have planned.  The timing also matches the arrival of the twin star for which the powers that be are dumping that patented snow to cool down the atmosphere, so they should all be going underground pretty soon. Lets also remember that an NSA facility the size and scope of the NSA facility in Utah, also exists in JERUSALEM,  WHAT???  Who authorized giving a foreign nation such facilities and permission to spy on American citizens????  TRAITORS, THATS WHO and that is a death penalty offense during time of war. In the mountains of Colorado the temps are around 60 degrees in february,  and that is unheard of.   Further, they are preparing for forest fires and 800 mile an hour winds, so we are being distracted with this Obama martial law that is unannounced, where he arrests the dissidents since he does not want any of them left standing to cause them grief, once this crisis has passed.  Remember, the cabal always includes some truth in their disinformation program.

via dissidents, both Journalists, and Activists. No Martial Law Involved, just Treason! | Pakalert Press.


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