Obama Has Finally Found His Excuse to Invade Syria | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

President Obama previously tried to invoke his “Reichstag” pretext for war with Syria as Obama had accused Syrian leader, Assad, of using chemical weapons against the rebels in 2013, despite the fact that it appears likely that the al-Qaeda run rebels were the ones using chemical weapons. Obama was unable to get Congress or the American people to believe that this chemical attack was a justified reason to go to war, and in the fall of 2013, Obama failed to get the war with Syria that he desired.

Obama’s Second Reichstag Moment

Ask the average American, “Who is ISIS?”, they will pause and give you a blank stare. ISIS came from nowhere. It is well armed and acts like a well-trained army.  Abracadabra, poof, ISIS appears at the very time we pull out of Iraq. This is no coincidence. What we now know is that the U.S. military left behind key combat equipment in Iraq. By law, the U.S. military was to destroy these weapons upon vacating a war zone. Why wasn’t this done? Someone had to give the order to not destroy the equipment. And just who comprises ISIS? We are now told that it is a conglomeration of terrorist interests ranging from al Qaeda to Hamas to the Muslim Brotherhood. And this loose confederation of terrorists is armed to the teeth in the latest in American military technology. Even the most ardent supporter of the Obama administration would have to suspect that ISIS is a CIA creation and that is exactly what my military sources have been telling me.

The goal for ISIS is to spread terror and havoc across Iraq and have this spread into Syria. I wrote in 2013, that there will be a provoking event which will invite American military intervention into Syria against ISIS as an excuse to remove Assad and occupy Syria. Kayla Jean Mueller’s death has provided that provocation.  Kayla’s noble character and devotion to humanity makes her an ideal martyr for Obama to be doing what he is doing which is commence a “three year ground war” against ISIS.

via Obama Has Finally Found His Excuse to Invade Syria | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show.


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