David Icke spills the beans on Tony Blair – YouTube

Gepubliceerd op 21 dec. 2012

When questions about Tony Blair’s reported conversion to Catholicism were put forward to David Icke, he instead revealed a verbal outburst on the man who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a decade, and unleashed what he really did in the post and what can be expected from him in the future. The clip was taken from the documentary Origins & Symbolism of the European Union.

David Icke said that Tony Blair has no values, no sense of decency, no empathy for others affected by his actions, and that he knows no other way to guide than to lead his people into war after war. His time as the Prime Minister of the UK saw him act as the ultimate puppet for the House of Rothschild, effectively being a yes sir, no sir, I’ll do anything you say sir kind of leader. After his term of puppeteering had expired, Icke covers the enormous amounts of money he has received for effectively doing nothing – in the form of fake advisory posts and valueless speeches.

Tony Blair is also being groomed for the seemingly certain upcoming role of President of Europe. It was just 2 months ago when he was once again in news pushing for the creation of this position, and David Icke mentions the strong pillar of support he has been given in the past from other Illuminati puppet leaders such as Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi. Finally, if he does end up becoming the first President of Europe, Icke claims he will lead Europe into war again, which could well be World War 3 going by the incidents of today.

via David Icke spills the beans on Tony Blair – YouTube.


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