Posted by Outlaw on December 31, 2014

For some months now, I have been meaning to put together some information for publishing in an article on the Outlaw, in regard to a subject, which in all honesty, I do not fully understand myself.


I have found it to be a difficult and somewhat daunting prospect, and even after experiencing fifty-one years of life on this planet, I am not even sure where to begin.

Put together with the fact that almost everything written here is immediately pounced upon by those who strive to tear every word I write to pieces – in order to undermine, discredit or ridicule anything that may be of merit or any value whatsoever.

I fully expect it now, as this site appears to have attracted more than it’s share of weirdo’s and detractors, who have demonstrated time after time, their pathological need to congregate with other equally obsessed individuals – with the sole intention of attacking this site as well as anybody who is viewed as having even a vague connection with it.

For that reason, I am going to write the following using what may be the most difficult mode that any writer can employ, namely, the second-person narrative.

Not as a means of attacking anybody, which other articles I have written have wrongly been interpreted as, but as a method with which others can perhaps identify something of themselves within the words, and also protect myself from the inevitable onslaught.

So by writing as the narrator only – and not being the subject of this article, which incidentally, is a ‘trait’ and one which is not even exclusive to human beings, and is something that is known by many people – simply as…. ‘Empathy’.

As recently as Christmas Eve, I was privately asked for my advice on how a person can learn to live with and cope with being an Empath, when there is so little published information in hard copy form or published on the Internet from which to gain an understanding.

Apart from literally hundreds of the generic “How to tell if you are an Empath in seven easy steps” nonsense that can be found on any number of New-Age type esoteric websites, that is – there really is very little of value that has been written.

So what is it that makes one, an Empath?

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