Keynote Speach, Damascus Terror Conference – YouTube

Censored video.

I think the mass-censorship of this message, 

via email pretty much proves the point 

being made in this short clip and regardless

of whether you agree with the statements 

made or not, it is a sad state of affairs that one 

cannot send controversial email without 

being censored in America. This is a 1st 

Amendment violation, being committed 

by several ISPs – who also blocked most 

of my emails which were sent this morning,

over a less controversial clip.


Puppydogs and rainbows from now on! 

Because that’s why you subscribe to my 

site, right? 


If not, contact your ISP/email service 

and tell them to stop filtering your emails.




Two days of meetings were 

brought to a screeching halt 

when Gordon Duff spoke at 

the Damascus conference. 


Seated on his right, and 

speaking next, was Colonel 

James Hanke, US Army Special 

Forces (ret). On his left, the 

Syrian Minister of Justice Najm 

al Ahmad and Mike Harris. 


Handling the camera on this 

short video is Jim W. Dean.

This may well have been the 

first time in history an American 

intelligence team of “non-activists” 

gave a military briefing to an 

audience of this type, including 

key military leaders of diverse 

tribal forces throughout Lebanon, 

Syria and Iraq, a Russian delegation 

and others from around the world.

You could hear a pin drop

Video Total: (around 7 and a half mins)          

Keynote Speach, Damascus Terror Conference

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Keynote Speach, Damascus Terror Conference – YouTube.


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