Suma – a Co-operative Working

Suma – a Co-operative Working

Published: 07/11/2014 by Suma» Food & DrinkFrom our humble origins in the kitchen of a terraced house in Leeds in 1976, Suma worker’s co-operative has evolved to become the UK’s largest employee-owned supplier of natural and organic goods. Being 100 per cent employee owned and managed means we’re all on board in trying to make our business the best that it can be, and not working to line the pockets of any external shareholders or a big wealthy MD.

I’m really proud to say that we are the largest ‘single-pay organisation’ in Europe. This means that all of our 140 members are paid the same net hourly wage, irrespective of the jobs that we do; so the person that sweeps the floor is paid the same as someone who works in IT, distribution or management accounts. In fact, at Suma people often work in different areas. So one day you really could be working in the warehouse, the next day you could be driving a truck and the next day working in IT. This makes for a flexible and contented workforce, which is able to bend and adapt to accommodate the needs of the business. There are no directors or managers at Suma, and because we all multi-skill and job share, we maintain a very strong level of engagement that is not generally found in other companies. Read on…..

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