The vaccine-autism lie « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

The vaccine-autism lie

By Jon Rappoport

September 24, 2014

I’ve analyzed this lie before and approached it from many angles. Here I’m going to keep things as simple as possible.

Vaccines can and do cause damage. Neurological damage, brain damage. Parents of damaged children know this. There were there. They saw their children before vaccination and after vaccination.

End of story.Everything else, and I mean everything is diversion. High-class sophisticated deceptive slimy arrogant diversion. Shuffling various disease and disorder labels; the studies claiming there is no link between vaccines and autism; the hoops the government makes parents jump through, in order to try to obtain financial compensation; the legal deal allowing vaccine manufacturers to avoid law suits; the invented cover stories claiming autism begins in utero or is a genetic disorder; the pretension that autism has even been defined—there is no defining diagnostic test for it—All lies. All avoidances.

A child gets a vaccine. The child suffers brain damage. That happens.

That’s the truth which the government buries in a mountain of obfuscation. In general, how much damage do vaccines cause every year in the US?Unsurprisingly, there is no reliable count.

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