Cancer Paul Stamets: Mushroom Science and NO Trace of Cancer

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Alexandra Bruce

August 25, 2014

Renowned Mycologist, Paul Stamets, tells the story of his 84 year old mother who called him, to let him know that she had what turned out to be a 5.5 cm breast cancer tumor.The cancer had metastasized to her sternum and to her liver.

She had 4 stage cancer and was given a prognosis of less than 3 months to live.The oncologist at the Seattle hospital told her that she was too old to do radiation treatments but that there was an experimental study being done with Turkey Tail mushrooms Cordyceps sinensis, in conjunction with chemotherapy, as this mushroom, long used in Chinese traditional medicine has clinically been shown to boost immune function, overall but also in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Paul’s mother replied, “Oh! my son is supplying those!”

She was treated with two cancer drugs and Turkey Tail mushrooms and remains cancer-free, years later.


Video (4 min):

via Cancer Paul Stamets: Mushroom Science and NO Trace of Cancer.


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