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The Ebola of 2009: Swine Flu Aug8by Jon RappoportThe Ebola of 2009: Swine FluBy Jon RappoportAugust 9, 2014http://www.nomorefakenews.comEvery new “pandemic” is the big one.“This isn’t like the last one, oh no. This one is really going to spread out across the globe and kill millions and millions of people.”Ebola. MERS. Swine Flu. Bird Flu. Smallpox. SARS. West Nile.We’re still here.Do you think you can rely on government reports about diseases?Can you trust them when they say there are 10,000 cases of disease X?The mainstream press accepts the reports without blinking an eye. Accurate? Of course.And the public? If the information weren’t accurate, the public would be…dupes, fools.For example, in the case of Ebola, the people wouldn’t know who to believe. Up the creek without a paddle.So let me recount an instance, in the fall of 2009, when a scandal broke, and US Centers for Disease Control executives were, behind closed doors, screaming bloody murder.A mainstream reporter had just planted a dagger in the guts of a billion-dollar campaign to terrify the public about Swine Flu.Her name is Sharyl Attkisson, and at the time she worked for CBS News. She was their ace investigative reporter.Recently, she and CBS parted ways. She wasn’t getting air time. Her stories about Benghazi and Fast&Furious were quite controversial.But the biggest story she ever covered, in terms of potential impact, was the Centers for Disease Control Swine Flu debacle.Until her bosses shut the story down.

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